Our Covid Disinfection Service

is initiated by:

Skilled, certified, and professional disinfection experts.

Satisfaction guaranteed, no contracts needed.

We improve both surface and air quality by eliminating the spread of germs.


Help protect the health of you, your family, employees, and customers.

We only use green products that are EPA registered and NSF certified safe for food.

Reach 100% surface coverage from every crack and crevice


Our method of disinfection is through ULV fogger and we use Clean Republic Disinfectant.

  • Our Disinfectant Kills a wide range of dangerous bacteria and viruses, including, MRSA, Salmonella, Pandemic 2009 H1N1 influenza A virus, C. diff spores, Norovirus, and Rhinovirus, as well as the virus responsible for the current worldwide public health crisis (more info)

  • Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), the main ingredient, is a substance found naturally in the human body, and is produced by Clean Republic using only water, salt, and electricityNo carcinogenic preservatives, no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), no alcohol, no phenol, and no additives

  •  Free of harmful chemicals and toxic fumes, and gentle enough to use around people, plants, pets, and food prep surfaces

  • Deodorizes - neutralizes bacteria that cause odors, leaving no scent behind

  • Approved for use on furniture, kid and pet toys, electronics

  • No added fragrance or perfumes

  • Ready to use formula

  • Made in the USA

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