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Water Damage

Water damage can be attributed to a number of factors whether it be a heavy storm, frozen or broken pipes, or structural damages (roof, walls or foundation).

Mold Remediation

 It is of utmost importance that any mold is remitted from your property, in order to ensure a safe and toxic free living environment.

Fire Damage

Fire Restoration is the process of reversing any damage, such as smoke, water damages, and home structure damages caused by fire.

Storm Damage

The aftermath of natural disasters  are devastating, expensive, and overwhelming to take on by yourself.


Every one of our technicians is certified through the Institute of inspection, cleaning, and restoration. Rest assured that the best technicians are here at America Home Service, the best service provider in the industry.


Our technicians have extensive experience in resolving cases of water damage, mold remediation, storm damage, and fire damage. We ensure an efficient and effective solution for all those who have been afflicted by disaster.


We strive to provide immediate and state-of-the-art restoration, remediation, and reconstructive services in a fraction of the time that other companies do. Every victim of disaster deserves the utmost attention and efficiency when it comes to getting things back to normal again.


"Great work! I had a few concerns about spots when they were finished. Turns out it was my mistake, not mold, and couldn't be removed. But they insisted on going over it again for my peace of mind. And they did it with a friendly willing attitude! I recommend them!"